Tania Sicree Social Work

Tania Sicree BA, psych MSW | Director

With a wealth of experience as an Army Nurse, Juvenile Justice Youth Worker and Child Care Licensing Officer with DCP, as a social worker for the Blind Association and the Health Department, plus qualifications to teach mindfulness meditation, Tania has a unique appreciation of how complicated our social systems can be. Over many years she has assisted families and older people with residential care placements, conducted specialist aged care assessments as part of the Aged Care Assessment Team and helped with navigating complicated community supports. Tania is a member of AASW (Australian Association of Social Work).

"Working in hospitals and the broader community over the years has been not just an eye opener but a privilege, and I am acutely aware of the difficulties people face when they can no longer return home or have suddenly lost their independence. This loss always comes as a shock because we think it is never going to happen to us." The goal of Mindfulways is to provide support and care to you through this time of change and ease some of the burden and pain of finding and applying for residential care or accessing community supports so that loved ones can remain in their own home.

Aged Care

Guidance when you need it

As Senior Social Workers who have worked extensively in aged care for many years, accumulating considerable hands-on experience working within the health system and assisting families with finding suitable residential care, advocating for patients and families in that system and also working with providers of community services. Understandably, a lot of people don't want to leave their own homes and are afraid and even anxious about the prospect of entering residential care.

We offer a timely home visiting service should you require urgent information and guidance regarding the safety and welfare of your loved ones. Mindfulways provides expert counselling and emotional support along with information regarding supports and services. We can make referrals to services and arrange for home supports.

Examples of these services can include finding available residential care respite or in home respite services, assessing dementia support services, and assist in engaging with community supports, such as home care package providers. Sometimes a crisis consultation can be required because you feel like you are just treading water trying to find your way through the very complex aged care system and need answers as soon as possible.

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